Cs-cart platform E-shop

Completely functional e-shop in cs-cart platform for a clothes store in city of sparta

About this project

Project developed as the main E-shop of the clothes store located in sparta Greece Georganes.

In this project the purpose was to create a fully functional E-shop and as it fits in a reputable clothing store such as GEORGANES. After a lot of analysis we came to the conclusion that the platform that will cover us is the Cs-cart. the reasons are listed below:

  • It has an e-Commerce solution in PHP for download, which is easy to customize to your measurements.
  • You can Personalize your store and enhance it with more features, using a variety of add-ons
  • Complete and modern SEO Features such as Google Snipets and 301 Redirects but & easy menu navigation, filters and search.

Technical desc

Τhe tools I used are the following

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