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Custom theme creation with custom animations

About this project

This project was created to redesign the art and design wesite Rassiasdesign.

We built the project after the client's suggestion to make a custom theme that will convertes from figma to wordpress theme!

Technical desc

Τhe tools I used to create this website are the following:

  • Wordpress CMS (most popular CMS)
  • Picostrap theme (The fastest Bootstrap 5 WordPress starter theme To achieve top PageSpeed results)
  • Livecanvas (The tool i love so much! Packed as a super small WordPress plugin, LiveCanvas will allow you to build great web pages that effectively communicate your message while keeping low weight. No extra CSS or JS bloat added: just pure Bootstrap 5. )
  • Wp forms to create beautiful contact forms
  • Scrolltrigger  Scroll-driven animations re-invented is used to create horoizontal scroll!
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