Vue js and headless wordpress leadership game

A highly thought-provoking game about Leadership

About this project

This project was created to become a highly thought-provoking game about Leadership.

‘Leadership Stories’ and it is an entertaining tool with a purpose of  #learning, where participants cultivate their knowledge and practice their leadership skills through overcoming a number of business #challenges.

The aim of the game is to win points while navigating through various challenges along with a #Character that is assigned to you at the beginning of the game. You need to think each of the challenges separately, visualize the context, read both the lines and behind the lines, use your experience to weight pros and cons and make the best decisions according to circumstances.

You can have this #journey along with Valerio the 'brave', Clementine the 'mild and merciful', Alessandro the 'defender of man’, Dima the ‘vigor of the people’, Pierre the 'rock', or Carla the 'strong and mighty'. The 'urgent turnaround', the 'turnover nightmare', the 'tower of Babel' and the 'wind of change' are only some of the 12 leadership #challenges that you will have to face as a leader during the game.

'In Leadership Stories business challenges arise the one after the other, important issues need an urgent and proper handling and people are looking at you and hoping for the best...

Technical desc

Τhe tools I used are the following

  • A headless WordPress site for managing content!
  • The Frontend part using VueJs and NuxtJS
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